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The Boston Ballet’s dancing Nutcracker Bear

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The leaping, spinning bear of the Boston Ballet: This big dancing bear is a crowd-pleasing highlight during the first act of Mikko Nissinen’s production of Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker in Boston, Massachusetts.

Unboxed along with the harlequin and ballerina toys, the bear is a magical gift from “Uncle Drosselmeyer,” the godfather of the holiday ballet’s protagonist, Clara Stahlbaum. This extended clip from the Boston Ballet shares the moment that the dolls and Nutcracker Bear come to life to perform at the Silberhaus family’s party.

dancing bear
harlequin and ballerina doll
From the Boston Ballet: Becoming The Nutcracker Bear:

“The original design was made entirely out of satin Lycra, which was heavy and held in body heat. Now, the Costume Shop uses a sports mesh material to create the inner lining of the costume—a testament to the true athleticism needed to perform the role. The breathable, lightweight mesh offers dancers extra mobility while performing on stage.

“To create the illusion of realistic, graduated fur, the Costume Shop uses over 160 yards of tulle cut into varying widths sewn in dozens of rows. Tulle is a breathable and light fabric that allows the dancer to move more comfortably (especially when there’s so many tricks to be performed). Although it appears bulky, the costume weighs less than 10 pounds thanks to the team’s smart design.”

Read more about the role at

dancing bear
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