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Bottle Cap Apple Pie – The Tiny Chef Show

How might a tiny chef make an apple pie? Perhaps a bottle cap can be of some use. In this delightful stop-motion animation by Rachel Larsen, Adam Reid, and Ozi Oshiro, The Tiny Chef bakes his famous Bottle Cap Apple Pie. Also in his skillset: The banjo.

The Chef loves to cook first and foremost but he’s been an avid banjo player for the last 10 years and insists that one should never have just one passion. He loves to pluck around while bread is baking or he’s roasting vegetables in the oven. I tried explaining to him how difficult it would be to build a tiny banjo but he’s insisted if he’s going to do the show there needs to be an available banjo on set. He’s not normally very pushy but on this subject he wouldn’t budge so we set about building him a nice new banjo.

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via Laughing Squid.

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