Point the cone at a patch of blue and sniff the other end. An ocean scent wafts through the nozzle and into your nose. The Bouquet color-to-smell translator was created in just one week by Erika Marthins, Arthur Moscatelli, Pietro Alberti, and Andrea Ramìrez Aburto, students at École cantonale d’art de Lausanne (ÉCAL) in Switzerland. From their communication machines workshop instructor Niklas Roy:

The cone shaped device has an optical sensor built in its tip, with which it can recognize different colors. Inside the cone’s bottom is a stepper motor controlled disc, that turns pads with according scents directly under the nose of the operator. If you’d point it to a red color for example, the disc would turn a cotton pad, which is soaked with strawberry aroma, to the device’s smell opening.

Check out more photos from the workshop here.

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via Prosthetic Knowledge.

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