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Gravity-defying acrobatics set to Clair de lune

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“To create – to be creative – is to draw a door on the wall, and then open the door. ‘Clair de lune’ opens this door wide to transport us to a time where time doesn’t pass. That’s why we become children again when we listen to this music.”

Dancer Yoann Bourgeois wrote this about Claude Debussy‘s Clair de lune (Moonlight), the music played by pianist Alexandre Tharaud in the video above.

The acrobatic piece, where Bourgeois almost suspends gravity between a staircase and trampoline, is a collaboration between the two. It’s based on the choreography in Bourgeois’ La mécanique de l’Histoire (The Mechanics of History) and honors Debussy 100 years after his death.

Of Bourgeois, Tharaud writes, “I thought of Yoann for Clair de lune because his art is based on weightlessness, the body in flight. And Yoann is a dreamer.”

Be sure to watch the original acrobatic performance next.

Then watch a LRO moon visualization and Pow Surf 101, both set to the same famous classical composition.

via Kottke.

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