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Brandon Semenuk’s unReal mountain bike ride in one 3 minute shot

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In one beautifully-produced, continuous shot, professional mountain biker Brandon Semenuk bombs a freshly built track down and around some magnificent hills in Cambria, California. Semenuk’s jumps, flips, twists, turns, and tricks, including a bike swap, were all captured by Teton Gravity Research and Anthill Films for the Sony mountain biking film unReal, and thanks to the hard work and practice of both the camera crew and Semenuk, he biked the entire track for the camera just once. From Vice Sports:

For One Shot to be successful, the conditions had to be perfect (Cambria’s pervasive wind is not conducive to back-flipping a mountain bike), Semenuk had to run the entire track without a flaw, the truck had to match his pace exactly, and [cameraman Brian] Wulf had to pull off the shoot cleanly. In the week leading up to filming, Semenuk practiced the top section of the track, several times, though he never rode the lower section. Meanwhile, the film crew practiced the drive, marking the road with signs to indicate speed and pace for [producer & shoot driver Darcy] Wittenburg. The pressure on Semenuk was obvious to everyone on scene…

“Obviously having one camera rolling leaves no room for error,” [Semenuk] says. “This wasn’t so much added pressure for me, but for the filmers to nail it when I do. Their part was just as hard or harder than mine, I’d say. I got to the bottom and just waited to hear the cheers.”

And the music: Buffalo Springfield’s For What It’s Worth (1967).

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via Laughing Squid.

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