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Broccoli sprouts growing in a jar, a time-lapse

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Sprouts, like these nutrient broccoli sprouts, are newly-germinated seeds that you can eat mixed into sandwiches, salads, stirfry, yogurts shakes, and more. Watch these baby broccoli plants pop and wiggle as they sprout in a jar for this Boxlapse video.

broccoli sprouts
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It’s important to look for seeds specifically labeled as “sprouting seeds” or “for sprouting.” These seeds have been cleaned well and should be pathogen-free. Sometimes you can find packets of sprouting seeds in garden centers. But if not, check your favorite seed catalog.

As far as varieties go, there are several types of vegetables you can eat as sprouts. Many people are familiar with alfalfa sprouts and bean sprouts. But you can also consider radish sprouts, beet sprouts, and pea sprouts. In general, any plant from which you would eat the stems and leaves is a good option for sprouting. Plants from which you only eat the fruits (such as tomatoes and peppers) typically don’t work.

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