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Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s cherry trees in bloom, a virtual stroll

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden video is now unavailable to embed so I moved it below. Above: Brief but breathtaking drone footage above BBG by our friend Jake Dobkin at Gothamist.

The wildlife sounds alone give this virtual stroll through the Japanese Garden at Brooklyn Botanic Garden a meditative quality, but the visuals of their blooming cherry blossoms level it up even further. At times, passing jets and the city’s sirens can also be heard, but they’re soon pacified by the chirps and melodies of local birds. Listen for church bells and geese around 15-minutes.

brooklyn botanic garden cherry blossoms 2020
Cinematographer Nic Petry of Dancing Camera teamed up with BBG to film this 18-minute video through their Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden on a sunny day during the first week of April, 2020.

The historic garden is one of the oldest extant Japanese gardens in the United States, and its collection of cherry cultivars was in lovely bloom during filming. Petry, a specialist in moving camera techniques, conceived the piece as a way to recreate the meditative experience of walking through the garden on a glorious, early spring day.

The garden’s weeping Higan cherries can be seen swaying in the wind along the pond as the camera moves around the path lined with several varieties of camellias, artfully pruned pine trees, and fiddlehead ferns.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden shared this two minute cherry blossom time-lapse in mid-April of 2008. It was created by Dave Allen from over 3,000 photos that were taken every three minutes:

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via Kottke and Laura Olin.

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