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Card stacker Bryan Berg builds a card tower outside

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World’s Tallest Card Tower built outside? Bryan Berg, a professional playing card stacker tries something he has never done before. Building a card tower…outside. Bryan is widely regarded as the best playing card stacker in the world. He holds 4 Guinness World Records including world’s largest card tower (4000 decks) and world’s tallest tower at 26 feet tall. However this might be his toughest challenge yet.

Want to learn how to build with careds? Bryan Berg also demonstrates how to start card stacking with grid, pillar, and wall techniques. And that wall can handle a lot of weight. This is episode 13 of Coolest Thing I’ve Ever Made, a documentary series by Guy Georgeson about incredible jobs, hobbies, and passion projects.

how to card stack
starting the card stacking
dog running around the card tower
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Plus: Anastasia Chavez explains the 21-card trick.

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