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Building a traditional Swedish snölykta (snow lantern)

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This winter I was in sweden again, and built a traditional swedish “snölykta (snow lantern) together with my father, trying to build a larger one than we did when I was a child. And we actually managed! (Since usually they’re much smaller.)

When I then told our neighbour in sweden, that in other parts of the world people have never seen a snow lantern, he said: “Well, that’s strange. I mean here in sweden, building a snow lantern is kinda the first thing a child learns to do when it’s winter”…

…. so let’s bring this to other parts of the world, too!

building a snow lantern
snow lantern from above
From Daniel Troger, enjoy this charming wintery ode to building a snow lantern, a hollow cone of snowballs with tealight candles placed within it.


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