From The Tinkering Studio located at San Francisco’s Exploratorium, enjoy these pattern making art machines built with LEGO Technic beams, gears, and pins. The Tinkering team wrote up a quick art machines experiment guide on Instructables complete with a recommended parts list on Brick Owl, great for schools, libraries, makerspaces, or at home.

For more inspiration, check out their LEGO Linkages vid, a useful example of how small changes to these beam and pin connections can make big differences in how the pieces function and move:

Watch more LEGO tinkering including a DIY microscope made out of LEGO, a prosthetic system that lets kids make their own LEGO robot limbs, and this spirograph-inspired LEGO Drawing Machine.

Don’t have LEGO around? Make a drawbot with a milk frother and velcro or find inspiration in the jazz of a helium ball & charcoal.

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