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Building Art Machines with LEGO Technic pieces

From The Tinkering Studio located at San Francisco’s Exploratorium, enjoy these pattern making art machines built with LEGO Technic beams, gears, and pins. The Tinkering team wrote up a quick art machines experiment guide on Instructables complete with a recommended parts list on Brick Owl, great for schools, libraries, makerspaces, or at home.

For more inspiration, check out their LEGO Linkages vid, a useful example of how small changes to these beam and pin connections can make big differences in how the pieces function and move:

Watch more LEGO tinkering including a DIY microscope made out of LEGO, a prosthetic system that lets kids make their own LEGO robot limbs, and this spirograph-inspired LEGO Drawing Machine.

Don’t have LEGO around? Make a drawbot with a milk frother and velcro or find inspiration in the jazz of a helium ball & charcoal.

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