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Building Becorns, woodland creatures created from nature

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Becorns are curious and kind woodland creatures created with acorns, sticks, pine cones, and other materials from nature. Inspired by his time as a designer for LEGO Technic and Bionicle, Rhode Island-based dad David Bird crafts becorns with hot glue and his imagination.

In the video above, Bird shares how he built a becorn named Pallie for the emergence of a monarch butterfly that grew from a tiny egg found in his yard.

Reedit the monarch caterpillar
The set up made for a wonder-filled photo, in which Pallie reflects upon his own eventual transformation: “to be planted in the soil and emerge as a tender sapling.” Bird writes in the video caption:

“This photo took all summer long. It was an amazing experience, especially to share with my three year old daughter. She named the caterpillar ‘Reedit,’ and when it emerged as a butterfly, it graduated to the name ‘Roddit.'”

setting up the becorn
In the video below, he creates a warrior becorn, complete with a thorny sword and a pinecone shield.

“I build most of my characters with a specific picture in mind. Usually I try to keep the character design pretty simple so it doesn’t distract from the story I’m trying to tell, but sometimes it’s fun to break out and play with materials to see what happens.”

materials for creating the becorn warrior

A freelance illustrator and designer, Bird sells his bcorn prints at Follow his bcorns on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

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