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Bus Station Sonata: Commuters play Beethoven

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In a bus station in Newcastle upon tyne, commuters were asked to participate in a performance of Beethoven’s moonlight Sonata. No previous musical abilities or experience were required, we merely asked for five minutes of their time. We filmed this and hoped to piece it back together to make the music. The day was very exciting and we met lots of interesting people and were taken aback by their enthusiasm to get involved with the project.

Bus Station Sonata: Commuters play Beethoven is a wonderful video from artist Anton Hecht, who noted that “Most of the commuters say that they have never even touched the keys of a piano, so watching them play along is sort of a beautiful thing.”

pianist Andy Jackson
Pianist Andy Jackson of the Cobwebs Orchestra partners with them on their musical journey.

Set up by The Arts Council of England and Nexus, this installation is an important reminder that art can follow you wherever you, even inside a bus terminal.

pianist Andy Jackson
This lovely idea should happen in every bus station.

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