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Butterflies and Moths of Tatama National Park

The Blue Longwing Butterfly (Heliconius eleuchia), the Bellona Metalmark (Necyria bellona), the Atreus Owl Butterfly (Caligo atreus), all spending some quiet time on leaves in Columbia’s Tatamá National Park (Parque Nacional Natural Tatamá). This meditative footage was captured by nature photographer David Weiller. Turn up the volume to hear the calming forest sounds.

Other observed species include a Black Falcon Butterfly (Corades panonia ploas), a Phidias Firetip butterfly (Pyrrhopyge phidias), a Drymoea hesperoides, and more. Weiller includes a list in order of appearance.

Metalmark (Necyria bellona) - observing butterflies in Columbia
Phidias Firetip butterfly - observing a skipper in Columbia
In the video below, a small group of Geometrid Moths (Ennominae and Siosta bifasciata sp.) suck nutrients at the river’s edge in the national park.

observing Gonora paphia sp. moths

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