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Can you solve Dongle’s Difficult Dilemma?

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According to legend, three galactic terraformers shaped your planet into a paradise. When their work was done, they left the source of their power behind: three golden hexagons, hidden in dungeons full of traps and monsters. If one person were to bring all three together, they could reinvent the world however they saw fit.

This is no race for the win. And you can try force, but that won’t work either. This is a mathematical challenge that requires strategy. How can you use your limited funds to outwit your opponent and collect the critical amount of hexagons that you need?

Igor Coric and Artrake Studio animated this brain-stretching TED-Ed lesson by Dennis Shasha. Pause the video before it reveals the answers. The riddle rules:

the rules
Dongle difficult dilemma
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