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Can you solve the giant spider riddle?

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Can you beat reigning champion Queen Shelob on the Whirled Wide Web to solve The Giant Spider Riddle? Try this TED-Ed lesson by Math for Love‘s Dan Finkel and directed by Artrake Studio‘s Igor Ćorić.

The web stretches over a large chasm, with intersecting strands coming to a single point on the other side. Moving across each strand requires a careful dash, and you must keep going until you stop at the next hub where two strands cross.

By ancient spider code, only one competitor may traverse the web at a time. You must take turns, moving from one intersection to an adjacent one. No one may spin new paths into existence or skip turns. You begin two spaces from Shelob, and to win, you must catch her by your tenth move. Can you attain the mantle of spider supremacy?

how to catch the reigning champ
Pause the video at 1m40s and follow the rules below to solve the challenge. Use a pencil and paper. The answer will be revealed in the second part of the video.

giant spider rules
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