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Can you solve the monster duel riddle?

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You’ve come a long way to compete in the great Diskymon league and prove yourself a Diskymon master. Now that you’ve made it to the finals, you’re up against some tough competition. In round one, you’ll face a single opponent and get to choose your disk before she picks from the remaining two. Can you choose the one that gives you the best chance of winning?

This TED-Ed features a food-themed monster duel riddle video by logic team Alex Gendler and Artrake Studio. Which one will you pick to give you the best chance of winning? Burgersaur, Churrozard, or Wartortilla?

choose your diskymon
There’s a counterintuitive result in this one, good training for spotting misleading statistics, “a favored tool of unscrupulous politicians and nefarious Diskymon trainers alike.” Pause the video to try and solve it before the answer is revealed.

the rules
File under: Conditional probability. Related problem-solving via TED-Ed: What is the Monty Hall Problem?

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