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The Kid Should See This

Cannon cloud collisions for Art & Inactivism

Two clouds rush toward each other and collide before dissipating in this installation by Mitchell F. Chan. Titled Something Something National Conversation (In 2 Characters Or Less), the crashing forms of water vapor are featured in his Art & Inactivism exhibit at Toronto’s Angell Gallery from December 10, 2016 until January 7, 2017. The accompanying vocalizations are from Infinite News Feed, an exhibit piece that algorithmically-generates a musical score of words from the day’s news headlines.

Watch these DIY inspirations next: How to make a homemade vortex cannon (large), make smoke rings with a simple DIY vortex cannon (medium), and how to make a cloud in your mouth (small).

And more art: A time lapse of Sol LeWitt’s Wall Drawing 797 and the jazz of a helium ball & charcoal.

via Gizmodo.

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