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Caring for Art during Covid at the Tate Galleries

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“How do you keep art and the people who care for it safe during a global pandemic?” This is the question that museums and art galleries have asked themselves all around the globe. How does everyone care for “thousands of artworks and the millions of library and archive items” while protecting each other during these unprecedented conditions?

In this video, Caring for Art during Covid, the Tate answers this question with interviews and behind-the-scenes footage. It’s a tranquil, thoughtful window into their high standard of care.

Tate Britain

In this film, hear from art handlers and registrars as they discuss the challenges of transporting and installing artworks during the coronavirus crisis. Watch conservators, technicians and photographers prepare artworks for display with new protective measures and discover how we are adapting processes to continue to allow visitors safe access to artworks, library, and archive items in our Library, Archive and Prints and Drawings Rooms.

behind the scenes at the Tate
Inspecting paintings
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