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The wild world of carnivorous plants

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Around the world there are more than 600 plant species that supplement a regular diet of sunlight, water and soil with insects, frogs and even rats. Flies, tadpoles and beetles fall prey to the remarkable, predatory antics of carnivorous plants.

Dig down into soil that’s low in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to discover incredible flesh-eating plants like the pitcher plant, the sundew, the corkscrew plant, the bladderwort, the famed Venus flytrap, and the butterwort. How do they trap their prey? Kenny Coogan explains in this TED-Ed, with stop-motion animation by Kaho Yoshida.

carnivorous plants
carnivorous plants
carnivorous plants
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Bonus: The Water Cycle, a boogie-woogie stop motion clay animation and Missing U: An animation about language and love.

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