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Carving greenhouse, plant, and flower rubber stamps

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In 2011, Singapore-based stamp artist Jiahui Zheng of ParadeMade carved her first stamp out of an eraser with a penknife. And after a decade of practice, her knife skills help her create intricate illustrations in soft rubber blocks to make any rubber stamps that she imagines.

In the video above, she expertly carves a glass greenhouse with thin defining lines that hold the panes.

“The greenhouse stamp especially was so relaxing and satisfying to carve, it brings me into a calm, mindful state where I was focused solely on carving those perfect little squares… almost ASMR worthy if you ask me.”

She then carves two botanical stamps filled with plants and flowers. Each illustration overprints on the black-inked greenhouse, adding layers of colors.

Find ParadeMade at, as well as on YouTube and Instagram where she shares all sorts of cute carved illustrations.

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