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Casa ecológica de botellas (The Ecological Bottle House)

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Built from 1,200 of plastic bottles and 1,300 tetra-pack cartons, La casa ecológica de botellas was designed and constructed by Alfredo Santa Cruz and his family in Puerto Iguazu, Argentina. Lit with sunlight, the light softened by the clear plastic, it is a surprisingly beautiful (and waterproof) structure. 

This (updated) video from Travel is Life showcases just one example of what happens when someone believes that “nothing should be disposable and everything should have a second use.” More from Atlas Obscura:

“The house demonstrates how humans can interrupt their pattern of negative environmental impact. Objects one would usually discard might have a second life as a flower pot, or as a beaded shower curtain. The Santa Cruzes have partnered with the city and with local schools for further ecological improvements to the house, such as a solar water heating system and a self-sustaining agriculture project.”

la casa de las botellas

“The bottle house is open for tours led by the architects themselves. They also create and sell souvenirs made from recycled materials. The main purpose of the house and tour is not to demonstrate the ingenuity of the project itself, but to promote the importance of reducing waste and preserving the environment.”

argentina bottle house
1,200 recycled plastic bottles
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