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Cauliflower: How Does it Grow?

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Five million heads of cauliflower grow every year at Lakeside Organic Gardens, a family-owned farm in Watsonville, California. These flower bunches are full of vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants… and they change from white to yellow if they’re not manually wrapped in their own leaves to protect them from the sun.

It’s true: Cauliflower can be yellow, as well as orange, green, and purple, (but like carrots, consumers have a preference for one color over others so we tend to see that color more often).

Another little-known fact: On organic farms like this one, they spray a soapy spray on the crops instead of harmful pesticides. “Since bugs breath through their skin, when the soap covers their bodies, they suffocate.” Eeep… well, that works, too.

Nicole Cotroneo Jolly reintroduces these super-versatile, edible flowers in episode three of How Does It Grow?

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