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How does your body speak the most complex language in the world?

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“Cells are biological robots. They don’t want anything, they don’t feel anything. They are never sad or happy. They just are, right here, right now. They are as conscious as a stone or a chair or a neutron star. Cells just follow their programming that has been evolving and changing for billions of years, molded by natural selection.

“They are impossible machines and yet, here they are, driven entirely by the fundamental forces of the universe. The smallest unit of life, right at the border where physics becomes biology.”

What do cells and ants have in common? What are amino acids? How are proteins like LEGO pieces? And how does your body speak The Most Complex Language in the World?

cell messages
This Kurzgesagt animation travels into the human body to take a metaphorical look at cells, amino acids, DNA, dead proteins, and the complex “protein language” that our bodies use to execute the astonishing amount of highly specialized biological actions that make our bodies work.

Note: There’s sponsored message around 9m45s.

complex machines
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