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The Kid Should See This

Celui qui tombe (He who falls), Yoann Bourgeois’ turntable acrobatics

Six people try to make their way on a large rotating turntable, jostling for position, walking, running, balancing, and tripping over each other. Their world spins to My Way sung by Frank Sinatra. They regroup and partner up. They clutch each other and collapse. They lean into the spin at surprising angles as the turntable rotates faster. In moments, they can almost float.

This is Celui qui tombe (He who falls), a piece choreographed in 2014 by French dancer Yoann Bourgeois. The acrobatic performance is a metaphor for the human experience, or what Bourgeois calls, “a mankind in miniature.”

What are the details of the story they’re telling?

Bourgeois’ La mécanique de l’Histoire is another favorite. Watch it set to Clair de lune.

Bonus: Xu Zhen’s In Just a Blink of an Eye.

via Kottke.

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