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DIY Cheesecloth Ghosts and Electric Ghost Tea Lights

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Crafting ghosts can be a fun way to create inexpensive and one-of-a-kind Halloween decorations—and memories—that will last for years to come. These two projects, Cheesecloth Ghosts and Electric Ghost Tea Lights, are charming and easy DIY crafts that all ages can make.

In the One Little Project video above, craft blogger Debbie Chapman demonstrates how layers of cheesecloth, white glue, and water can conjure ghostly, gauzy spirits of any shape or size.

Beeswax wraps can replace plastic cling materials; though wraps covered with white glue aren’t biodegradable, they can be used repeatedly and aren’t made with petroleum products. Adhesive alternatives like this paper maché flour paste recipe are shorter-lived but environmentally-minded; reuse the cheesecloth and make ghost-crafting an annual tradition.

cheesecloth ghost layers
Recycling bin items can also create ghostly silhouettes. What can you use to give these phantoms raised arms or human shapes? What other figures do you want to make?

In the DIY electric ghost tea light holder video below, air dry clay transforms into tiny billowy ghosts.

Safety note: Do not use actual tea lights for these projects; open flames are unsafe with these materials and forms.

tea light ghosts

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Have extra cheesecloth? Make homemade mozzarella cheese from scratch.

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