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Cherry blossoms over Tokyo’s Meguro River by drone

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Enjoy this short but tranquil bird’s eye view of Tokyo, Japan’s cherry blossom bloom over the Meguro River by drone, filmed by Yasunori Iwamoto. Japan is famous for its springtime sakura or cherry blossoms, as well as the festivals they hold under the blooming trees. From TokyoStreetView:

Just a few stations away from Shibuya, the Meguro River is another famous hanami spot in Tokyo and will welcome you with more than 800 sakura trees on each side of the river. Beautiful by day, it is however by night that the place comes to life thanks to its many lanterns and lights.

cherry blossoms over the river
cherry blossoms by drone
Here’s another view of the Meguro River sakura in 4K by Daisuke Sato:

There are more Meguro sakura photos from ShootTokyo and recommended sakura spots in Tokyo from Japan-Guide.

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h/t Spoon & Tamago.

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