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The Kid Should See This

Child and Man (Bache va Mard), an Iranian short film

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How do we live within our communities? How can we help keep our neighborhoods clean? And how can we express our respect and gratitude to the people who help keep our public spaces well tended to for everyone to enjoy?

In Child and Man (Bache va Mard), a child observes a man’s indifference to keeping their local park clean from litter. The child then reacts with the etiquette and stewardship he has been taught.

The 2016 short film was written and directed by Iranian filmmaker Mohammad Reza Kheradmandan and distributed by London-based BARR Pictures.

in the park
watching child
We can always help to keep our public spaces clean. Actions include reducing waste by using re-usable containers that can be cleaned at home, using trash and recycling cans when necessary, and helping to pick up trash when we see it.

trash on the ground
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