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Christian Moullec flies his microlight with the birds

French bird enthusiast and microlight pilot Christian Moullec has been flying with birds for years, first as a guide for migrating lesser white-fronted geese in their journey from Germany to Sweden, and now also as a guide for tourists who want the unique experience of flying with the birds. Moullec explains in National Geographic:

“My passengers come from all over the world and are all kinds of people, especially Europeans. The flight inspires in me a huge respect for nature and I can communicate this respect to my passengers. There are also people with disabilities and those who want to experience a great time in the sky with the birds before leaving this world. It is an overwhelming spiritual experience. The most beautiful thing is to fly in the heavens with the angels that are the birds.”

Touring helps support his continued conservation work of raising orphaned goslings at his home in France and then teaching them safe migratory routes across Europe, as seen in the nature documentary Earthflight (2011):

Learn more about Moullec’s work at his website:

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h/t @TimVisher.