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Christmas Morning, a Jack Savoretti music video by Karni and Saul

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Traveling over the mountains of a soft white duvet landscape, a parent arrives home to a sleeping family and the feelings of magic, connection, and love. Christmas Morning is a new lullaby-like song from Jack Savoretti. The music video, a mix of CGI duvet dwellers and beautifully crafted live-action backgrounds, was directed by BAFTA-nominated Karni and Saul. It’s based on their “fantasy of staying under the duvet” and is warmed by the fabric textures and their stop-frame movement and lighting style.

karni and saul duvet dwelling parents
karni and saul sleeping children
karni and saul duvet dwelling children

“This is a song I’ve written for my children and I think it’s a song that any parent who has to travel a lot for work will relate to.” Savoretti explains. “Christmas is that bookmark in the year that you know you have to get back for. I hope they are reassured when hearing it that I will be there.” Karni and Saul also incorporated family into the piece: Their kid plays the child in the video.

behind the scenes
behind the scenes
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