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Chromatic Lattice Sculptures: Assembly instructions by Pneuhaus

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Pneuhaus’ Chromatic Lattice sculptures are made with 3D-printed, multi-pronged connectors and small tubes. The design of these color patterns creates a dynamic object as the viewer moves around it. From the studio’s site:

“As a person’s viewpoint changes with their movements Lattice’s struts braid in and out of alignment, allowing the viewer to experience a dazzling optical effect as patterns of color, line, and open space fluidly ripple across the sculpture.”

“In this way, Lattice is only fully realized through interaction as this extraordinary visual effect does not exist in the artwork alone but is rather created within the live encounter of the sculpture and the viewer.”

Starting with small pieces, the studio is able to create an installation of any size, shape, or combination of colors. The video above shares their Lattice Assembly Instructions with red, yellow, blue, and purple tubes.

starting with two colors
chromatic installation
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