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Ciclope, a messenger drone flies across ravaged landscapes

A quadcopter flies across majestic landscapes to deliver a mysterious wrapped gift. Below it, the structures and technologies appear to be crumbling. Where is it flying to and who is the gift for?

The animators at The Line created Ciclope as the opening film to the 2016 Ciclope Festival Awards in Berlin, Germany, where it was shown with a live choir accompaniment. There’s more behind-the-scenes work on their site. There’s also a progression reel of their work:

And via SketchFab, you can play with the drone a bit. Click, hold, and drag to rotate it. Pinch in or out to zoom in or out.

In the archives, more drones: Flying drones over the lava lake at Ambrym’s Marum Crater, Flying a drone over Sudan’s 3,000 year old Nubian Pyramids, and a Flying Robot Orchestra.

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