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The circulation life of a library book

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How is a book checked out from the library and what happens when it’s returned? What happens when a book is placed on hold and how are they transported between branches? Where do library books go when they get old?

Go behind the scenes at Springfield, Missouri’s Schweitzer Brentwood Branch Library where librarians manage circulation processes, including tracking books, fulfilling hold requests, and ensuring the availability and accessibility of materials for library visitors.

Book's Big Adventure
The Boring Voice YouTube channel documents this “hidden and underappreciated process involving many different people,” including circulation employees, library pages, and delivery couriers.

The well-practiced system plays a crucial role in ensuring that all members of the community have equal access to the library’s resources, regardless of location or personal circumstances.

sorting books for transport
And when library materials reach the end of their useful life, librarians make decisions about withdrawing outdated or damaged items from circulation. These materials are often sold at annual sales to raise funds for new acquisitions, ensuring that the library can continue to provide up-to-date and relevant resources for its patrons.

book sale
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