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City of Ghosts: How to draw the ghost club

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Created by Elizabeth Ito, City of Ghosts is a groundbreaking animated Netflix series about a group of kids who interview local ghosts around Los Angeles. Through these supernatural yet sweet conservations, the kids learn about the history of their city’s neighborhoods, cultures, and communities.

Chloe Hsu, one of the storyboard artists from City of Ghosts, gives a tutorial on how to draw the ghost club, how to draw what you might look like as a character in CoG, and does a fun speed drawing “challenge” at the end where she draws Chepe like Yulissa does in ep6.

walking through the community
Then draw a few ghosts and draw yourself as a ghost. Hsu shares a few additional tips and tricks that might fuel your imagination:

Mashable, Vulture, and Wired all raved about this smart, thoughtful, and fun series. (Same.) Here’s the series’ trailer and Netflix page.

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