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Claudia Bueno’s Yellowstone-inspired line and light installation

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Inspired by the flora and fauna she saw during a trip to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, Venezuela born artist Claudia Bueno created a pattern-filled series of white line drawings on 60 glass panels. Stacked, the drawings are lit in waves, creating oscillating animations—”nautilus spirals, coral, vines, and botanics that sway and throb in glowing masses.”

So I started exploring patterns from micro to macro from molecular geometry to cellular growth to algae to seaweed, coral, leaves, trees, and so on, growing. Then I started extracting those patterns into paper drawing them painting them figuring out how to make them three-dimensional…

Claudia Bueno
The aquarium-style result, Pulse, is a hand-painted light and sound installation featured at Meow Wolf Las Vegas.

Claudia Bueno - Pulse Installation
pulsing animation
The film was directed by Claudia’s brother, filmmaker Adolfo Bueno. More about the project via Demilked:

“The process required sharp focus and lots of patience and it was very rewarding to see the shapes grow as we built up the layers,” said Claudia. “This piece comes to life and gains movement with a custom designed system of lights and sound which also involved long collaborations with two artists specialized in these areas. It is magical to see it all come together now in Meow Wolf Vegas and realize that everything we planned for is working beautifully.”

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