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The Kid Should See This

Climate Change 101 with Bill Nye + solutions great and small

What is climate change, what causes it, and how do we mitigate its effects? Bill Nye summarizes Climate Change 101 in concert with National Geographic‘s Climate Change issue and COP21, the December 2015 Paris Climate Conference.

Nye touches on a few simple solutions that individuals can contribute, including recycling and reusing, walking or using public transportation, reducing energy use and increasing energy efficiency in our homes, as well as eating less meat and eating more locally grown vegetables and foods.

Also from NatGeo, this video outlines some of the smart and surprising new technologies that can help move us from fossil fuels to clean energy solutions:

In the news: A Big Win for Cheap, Clean Energy by Bill Gates, who explains, “I’m optimistic about climate change because of innovation.”

Related reading: NASA’s Climate Kids and Climate Students at Both include more ideas and suggestions for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Watch Nye explain climate change (and a few other things) with emoji, the difference between weather and climate with Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, plus more smart problem solving videos.

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