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The Kid Should See This

Climbing into the treetops with a chimpanzee cam

What is it like to climb to the treetops of a lush forest like a chimpanzee? A four-year-old female chimp named Kimbang helps us better understand the experience by donning a wearable camera as she climbs in search of food. Orphaned by poachers when she was small, Kimbang has learned how to be a chimpanzee with help from her human caregivers at the Sanaga Yong Chimpanzee Rescue Center in Cameroon, Africa.

The video above is from PBS Nature’s Animals with Cameras miniseries. Update: Another incredible clip via BBC Earth Unplugged:

This chimp collar camera reveals the secret self-grooming routine of a female, from the hand-washing, to the teeth cleaning and even the delicate weaving of leaves to create a perfect nest!

And below, from IDA Africa: A day in the life at Sanaga Yong.

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