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Modifying a climbing LEGO car design for 15 obstacles

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How can you fix a car that won’t climb? There are a lot of engineering solutions to consider, especially when you’re working with an easy-to-modify vehicle like a LEGO car.

This Brick Experiment Channel video shares how they make a LEGO car climb 9 increasingly difficult obstacles with changes to wheel diameters, gear ratios, the drivetrain, tire grip, breakover angle, and weight distribution.

adjusting wheel diameter
Can they make a versatile climbing vehicle with four wheels, no steering, and only LEGO parts? Watch as they put each version of the vehicle to the test across 15 experiments in total. A gamepad helps with controlling specific parts of the vehicle at specific times.

controlling different parts of the vehicle
The second video picks up where the first leaves off. With the addition of a second adjustable joint, the vehicle continues to persevere through obstacle 9 and beyond… though it does take some practice.

obstacle 13

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