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What is a coastal geohazard?

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Coastal living includes a blend of nature’s wonders and challenges. Amidst the breathtaking landscapes and dynamic seaside ecosystems, coastal dwellers must also consider seasonal weather hazards—hurricanes and tropical storms—and potential geological perils like earthquakes, tsunamis, and landslides.

“But did you know,” asks the team at Hakai Institute, “that one geohazard can domino into another, creating a cascade of chaos?”

“…Okay, that’s a lot of scary stuff. Fortunately, warning centers are getting better every day at detecting seismic activity and assessing when danger could be heading our way, which helps us all sleep just a little bit better.”

discussing natural disasters
This two-minute introduction to coastal weather events and geological hazards includes the Pacific Ocean’s Ring of Fire, subduction, melting glaciers, flooding, and other natural disasters; watch Coastal Chaos from Hakai Institute’s Long Story Shorts series.

Pacific Ocean's Ring of Fire
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• Why are earthquakes so hard to predict?
• Volcano Summer Camp
• Building a Volcano-bot | How She Works
• How can design make climate-resilient buildings?
• Engines of Destruction: The Physics of Hurricanes
• Why do we confuse weather and climate?

Bonus: Earth’s Hydrosphere and Geosphere + Weathering and Erosion.

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