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Cobra vs. Mongoose (and other defense strategies against snakes)

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Cape ground squirrels live together in the underground burrows of southern Africa’s arid and semi-arid regions but don’t live alone. Yellow mongooses regularly use the burrows for shelter from the elements, too, and the ground squirrels let them because the trade is worth it.

If the ground squirrel spots a predator approaching, like a jackal, a snake, or a monitor lizard, they’ll sound the alarm, an alert heard by their burrowmate.

This dramatized video from Love Nature captures a mongoose’s agile moves as it faces off with a highly venomous Cape Cobra, one of the most dangerous cobra species in Africa. Luckily, mongooses are adept at fending off snake attacks.

From this partnership between mongooses and ground squirrels to the solidarity of meerkats defending their young, to the strategic alliances forged between pygmy falcons and weaver birds, watch as species effectively collaborate in the face of predatory snakes.

“Not all alliances are perfect, but when you’re small, unity certainly gives you strength.”

Love Nature is a Government of Canada-supported library of original 4K nature programming. Look for their channel on television or find them on YouTube and

meerkat guardians
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