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Cold water diving with an octopus and a wolf eel in 3D 360

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Dive down into the cold waters of Canada’s Browning Pass to see Browning Wall near Vancouver Island, one of the most celebrated destinations for cold water diving.

There we can see the dense display of surprising sea life that lives along the rock wall: A school of rockfish, purple and orange ochre sea stars, aggregating jellyfish, white plumose anemones, wolf eels, a giant Pacific octopus, and a kelp forest.

kelp forest
Diver Tiare Boyes provides narration as she descends deeper into these green seas in 3D 360 virtual reality. Put on a headset, turn up the sound, and look around.

Can you spot the octopus and the wolf eel in the images below?

spot the octopus
wolf eel

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