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The Kid Should See This

Concrete Cluster, a mural by Mr. Doodle

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Painted onto the four-story Edinburgh Road Car Park in Ashford, Kent, England, this mural covers 9.9 by 17.4 meters (32.5 by 57 feet). British artist Sam Cox, a.k.a. Mr. Doodle, created the giant piece over two days for the Ashford’s Unframed Mural Festival, a transformation of the city’s center “into a sea of colour and creativity” by national and local artists.

“This spot was bigger than anything I’ve ever painted on in my life,” Cox explains in the video:

“I thought it’d be good to challenge myself, and make myself slightly uncomfortable by going up high and just painting the biggest thing I could have possibly painted up to this point.”

“Basically, the wall was like a giant rectangle. It’s almost just asking for something to be on there, so I decided to create my piece, Concrete Cluster, right on the center of the wall and treat, basically, the wall like a giant sketchbook page.”

Mr Doodle
And here’s a time-lapse video of the installation:

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