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Conductive copper dominoes topple to turn on this lamp

Why simply flip a switch when you can turn on a lamp with a domino chain reaction instead? This is a copper domino light created by London-based design studio Glithero. Tip over the first conductive copper switch, the ‘rocker’ domino, to watch the rest fall one by one in any configuration.

copper domino lamp
copper dominoes
When the last domino meets the copper strip, a ‘receiver’ domino, on the other side of the lamp base, as long as all of the dominoes are touching, the electrical circuit will complete and the will lamp turn on.

The lights plays with the moment a light is switched on, making it less instantaneous and creating a more tangible relationship between electricity and materials. With so much technology around us in our daily lives it is easy to take for granted that even simple things such as turning on a light are made possible by the physical properties of materials.

copper domino lamp
A lovely mix of science, technology, product design, and play. It may also spark an idea for making your own conductive domino chain reaction project. What happens when your domino circuit completes?

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via Dezeen.

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