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Coral Spawning at Australia’s National Sea Simulator

Corals on the Great Barrier Reef spawn at the end of each year, a few nights after the full moons in November and December. BioQuest Studios teamed up with AIMS researchers at the National Sea Simulator to capture that magical moment.

It is a delightful sight, considering the Great Barrier Reef has suffered from two devastating, back-to-back bleaching events that wiped out a substantial percentage of coral cover. The fact that the survivors have reproduced gives a glimmer of hope for the future of the reef.

The Australian Institute of Marine Science’s ‘SeaSim’ is a research facility where scientists can control environmental variables including light, temperature, acidity/pCO2, salinity, sedimentation and contaminants. Their experiments aim to reveal more about the impacts of and adaptations to climate change, pollution, and other environmental stressors on corals and marine life.

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via Laughing Squid.

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