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The Kid Should See This

Crafting a highly-detailed paper Boeing 777 jet airplane

This airline commercial features the intricate work of Luca Iaconi-Stewart, an American designer who has been making 1:60-scale Boeing 777 jet airliners from manila folders and glue for the last five years.

With the help of tweezers and an X-Acto knife, he cuts out and assembles the printed pieces with care and patience, creating true-to-life functionality throughout the plane. You can see the highly-detailed results in this stunning main landing gear swing test:

…as well as in his masking and gloss-finish painting of a 777-300ER model, for another airline. Though it’s subtle in the time lapse itself, he shows off the gloss effect with dramatic lighting at the end of the vid:

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h/t Mashable.

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