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Crafting Cell Diagrams

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Create your own cells with science enthusiast and STEM education advocate Ella K. Chan. In 2013, at the age of 12, she began sharing science activities for kids on her Sci Files YouTube channel. In this activity, she demonstrates ways to make plant and animal cell diagrams with color construction paper and/or watercolors and a white crayon.

Here’s a Sci Files diagram to start with. There are also coloring pages via HomeSchoolClipArt: a human cell (pdf) and a plant cell (pdf), and more examples of animal cells and plant cells here via wikipedia:



More making: A Homemade Plant Cell Pizza via the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis and ideas on How to Build 3D Models of Animal and Plant Cells at WikiHow.

Plus, more videos about cells and more making on this site: easy paper card pop-up tutorials for kids, Electric Dough Playdate, and how to build your own Wave Machine physics demo.

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