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The Arctic, a crystallization time-lapse film

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Beauty of Science captures the crystallization processes and patterns of different salts up close with time-lapse photography for The Arctic. The film took around seven months to make and is titled for “icy sensation” of Earth’s polar ice cap. The filmmakers note: “We hope this film can remind viewers the stunning beauty of the ice world and the importance of protecting our planet.”

crystallization time lapse
In addition to the Arctic, notes other connections:

There’s a kinship between how crystals form and how towns & cities develop… Crystal, towns, and rivers all act according to similar principles governing the formation of things from points and edges.

beauty of science - the arctic image
What do these crystal formations remind you of? Related thinking: Charles and Ray Eames’ Powers of Ten (1977).

Next: Metal crystals forming in time lapse, Crystallization2, and the birth of a snowflake (a snowflake melts in reverse).

Bonus: Beautiful Chemical Reactions.

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