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Why is it so hard to cure the common cold?

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“On average, adults catch more than 150 colds throughout their lives. Even with similar symptoms, the cause could be different each time. Common colds are caused by at least 8 different families of virus, each of which can have its own subtypes. How can so many different viruses cause the same illness? And is a cure even possible?”

Humans vs. the Common Cold: Learn more about the colds we catch and the two ways that we try to fight them. This TED-Ed, directed by Anton Bogaty, explores our immune systems, viruses, mutations, and the different ways we’ve tried to cure those runny noses, sneezes, and sore throats.

humans vs the common cold

“Scientists have been trying to crack the code of the cold for decades. But medical understanding of how best to treat a cold, or even how one is most likely to catch a cold, is still nebulous.”


“Because more than 200 viruses are known to cause the symptoms attributed to the common cold, and because viruses are constantly mutating, researchers have yet to develop an effective vaccine that will eliminate this incessant ailment from our daily lives.

“However, new studies using the gene-editing tool CRISPR have made exciting headway in the design of an antiviral drug that could finally solve this medical mystery.”

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