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Curiosity at Martian Scenic Overlook, a panorama image of its 5 year journey

Tour Mars’ Gale Crater from the vantage point of NASA’s Curiosity Rover at Vera Rubin Ridge. In this video, project scientist Ashwin Vasavada points out geographical features and the rover’s path within this composite wide-angle panorama image. From The Washington Post:

After 1,856 Martian days among blue sunsets, sand dunes and small, lumpy moons, the Mars rover Curiosity sat on the ridge of an ancient lake bed and looked back on its five-year-long journey so far…

In one image was its whole story: from the lower slopes of Mount Sharp, where it sat holding its camera, to the spot in the crater floor 11 miles distant, where it had touched down five years earlier to great celebration on Earth.

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