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CYMATICS: Science + music = audio frequency visualizations

With help from a Chladni Plate, vibrating liquid on a speaker dish, a hose pipe optical trick, ferrofluid, a Ruben’s Tube, and a Telsa Coil, New Zealand musician Nigel Stanford showcases audio frequency visualizations in his music video for Cymatics. As we’ve seen in previous sound and physics videos on this site, all of the science experiments are real.

Below, behind-the-scenes explanations of how they experimented and filmed the Chladni Plate, Ferro Fluid, and Tesla Coil segments:

Be sure to watch all of the behind the scenes videos at Then watch many of these experiments in other vids in the TKSST archives:

Chladni patterns, fluids on a speaker dish, a cymbal at 1,000 frames per second, Singing Tesla Coils: Inspector Gadget, Brusspup’s Amazing Water & Sound Experiment, and Science Demo: How to make Pearls of Water.

via Vimeo Staff Picks.

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