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Dance & the physics of rotation – PBS Kids’ What’s Good

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Dance, twirl, flip, extend, spin, twist, leap, defy gravity and get to know the science of movement that drives it all. Breakdancers B-Girl Eren and Tori Torsion talk about why they love to dance, and how practice, hard work, and overcoming obstacles can help you get to know who you are. Physicist Kevin Oh also explains the physics of rotation with some help from (and to help out) B-Boy Evol’s spins.

We love What’s Good, a new six-part video series from PBS Kids.

Next: (Skate)ology & The Science of Skateboarding: Grinding, the toy-inspired Paperfuge, Science Extras from Jiwi’s (Rube Goldberg) Machines, and a circular motion demonstration with a sparkler & a hula hoop.

Bonus: How the Bronx brought breaking to the world.

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